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EUROPANET Association was founded in 2010 and it is a voluntary association in which all active members of the association are involved in voluntary activities.

The main objective of EUROPANET Association is to promote Romanian values in a European context to stimulate the collaborative process and integration between citizens, Romanian institutions, and organizations with similar representatives from Europe.

EUROPANET Association develops activities in education, information, management, entrepreneurship and European mobility. Developed project are LLP projects: Youth in action, Grundtvig, Leonardo da Vinci, Europe Citizens.

These projects have evolved due to the intergenerationality and multidisciplinarity that exists among the members of EUROPANET Association.

Because of the huge interest that the association members have, we develop projects in the Social Art field, Social Entrepreneurship and “Lifelong learning”.

We consider that intergenerationality and interinstitutionality are concepts that if promoted and assumed could lead to qualitative leaps in our development projects through creativity, efficiency, and experience that result from this interconnection (generational and expertise).

We develop active leisure projects, social activities for children and youth, we collaborate in these projects with young volunteers, adults and seniors, with different organizations to develop a strong civil society, active and adapted to the needs for sustainable development of the N-E Regions of Romania.

Nationwide we have a good collaboration with different partners: public institutions, civic organizations, informational groups, which will help us in the development and multiplication of our efforts to integrate Romanian values in a international context by presenting our activities in the EVS domain, by promoting fulfilled activities, by facilitating dialogues between our international volunteers and other organizations from Romania.

In the development strategy of EUROPANET Association is included the development of an EVS Department which offers the Romanian youth possibility to actively participate in these stages of international volunteering and at the same time we want to open the collaborative youth network of our young volunteers by hosting a large number of international volunteers.

Do you want to get involved in community service? Do you want to volunteer in national and international activities?

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