“IQAIST: Improving Quality and Accessibility in In-Service Trainings for Teachers” Project

ERASMUS+ Strategic partnership
Project period: 2015-2016

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The main objective of our project is to strengthen the professional profile of the teaching professions by increasing the access of teachers in high quality and teacher-centred tailored in-service trainings.

Projects activities:

  • International Kick-off meeting;
  • Research and data gathering on school staff training needs and which are the quality criteria that they consider the most important for successful in-service training;
  • Modules development – different kind of trainings for teaching staff;
  • 2nd International meeting;
  • IST Evaluation;
  • 3rd International meeting;
  • International network creation and launching of on-line platform for teaching staff;
  • Multipliers event in each country;
  • Final International meeting.

This project is a Strategic Partnership in the field of school education. The new Erasmus+ programme aims to support actions in the fields of Education, Training, Youth and Sport for the period 2014-2020. The Key Action 2 supports the development, transfer and/or implementation of innovative practise at organisational, local, regional, national or European levels.

The project is developed in partnership with:
YouNet (Italy) – applicant
Balikesir Universitesi (Turkey)
STEP Institut, zavod za psihologijo dela in podjetnistvo (Slovenia)
Asociatia EUROPANET (Romania)
IES Ribeira do Louro (Spain)
Sulforma – Consultoria e Gestão Empresarial, Lda (Portugal)

This project is funded with support from the European Commission through Erasmus+ Program

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EUROPANET Association training Infosheet

Second In-Service Training for Teachers of the project IQAIST
Venue: Iasi, Romania
Period: 8th-14th November 2015
Organizer: EUROPANET Association
The Power of Non-Formal

Orange Day of training

City Hunt (Team 1)
City Hunt (Team 2)
City Hunt (Team 3)
International night
Yelow Day of Training
Green Day of Training
Blue Day of Training
Indigo Day of Training

Multiplier Event
Iasi, Romania
Date: 4th June 2016
Organizer: EUROPANET Association

LEGOCIE Project – “Let’s go cooking in Europe!”

GRUNDTVIG Partnership project funded by EU Life Long Learning Programme
Project number – GRP/12/166C
Project period – 2012-2014


LEGOCIE (Let’s GO Cooking in Europe!) is a GRUNDTVIG Partnership project which will encourage and facilitate adults to share knowledge and good practice about the ways that cooking skills and healthy eating are encouraged and supported in a number of European countries. In the project there are involved 10 member countries and candidate countries of the EU: Cyprus, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Turkey and UK (the project coordinator).

In the first year of the project, for each country involved, partners will:

  • Investigate the cooking skills and eating habits in their countries;
  • Look at the impact that cooking skills can have on healthy eating and the fight against obesity;
  • Investigate the strategies that are in place at local and national level to promote and support improved cooking skills and a healthy diet.

The second year of the project will focus on developing cooking skills in each participating country.
On the basis of what they found in the first year, and what they learnt from sharing with other partners, each partner will:

  1. Devise an event to promote and encourage cooking skills and healthy eating with community groups, volunteers, parents or elders in their local area or region. The success of this will be evaluated by each individual partner, and the learning will be shared with the other partners at the final project meeting.
  2. Develop some resources to promote and support cooking healthy food so that the work of the project group can be disseminated locally, regionally and nationally. This will include the collation of healthy recipes and cooking skills information from each of the partner countries.

During the project there were 6 partnership meetings:

  • 1st meeting in Newcastle, UK – 22nd-26th October 2012;
  • 2nd meeting in Troodos, Cyprus – 18th-22nd March 2013;
  • 3rd meeting in Casteletto sopra Ticino, Italy – 29th May-2nd June 2013;
  • 4th meeting in Coimbra, Portugal – 2nd-6th October 2013;
  • 5th meeting in Martin, Slovakia – 26th February-2nd March 2014;
  • 6th meeting in Athens, Greece – 11th-16th June 2014;

For more information please visit our pages:

LEGOCIE newsletters:

Common survey

2014 Calendar:

“The Power of Non-formal”

Grundtvig Workshop/ GRU-12-GRAT-35-IS

Follow-up Project implementation at:
http://thepowerofnonformal.wordpress.com/about-the-project-2 or

The power of non-formal brochure [pdf, 2,16MB]

The aim of the workshop is to develop adult learners’ skills and competences in using non-formal methods for growing efficiency and stimulate adult learning process. Innovative concepts that we will develop into this workshop using non-formal methods and theory, performances rehearsals and a community final performance.

Objective nr.1: Growing skills, competences and knowledge for adult learners interested into non-formal educational approach.

Objective nr.2: Stimulating learners to be back into learners’ process through the “Power of Non-formal” methods.

Objective nr.3:Growing awareness at European level about “non-formal education” impact into social inclusion of vulnerable people process.


Topic of the Workshop:

Topic 1: Recognition of non-formal and informal learning (Topic 68)
Topic 2: Strategies for stimulating demand for learning (Topic 57)

Topic 3: Pedagogy and didactics (Topic 36)
Dates of the Workshop: 22.06.2013-28.06.2013

Venue of the Workshop Place: Vatra Moldovitei Country: Romania
Language of the Workshop: EN-English

Target group(s):The present workshop will be open to various target groups, such as:

  • adult learners, seniors, volunteers;
  • researchers, practitioners, trainers, staff members working in Adult Education institutions (adult education departments);
  • people interested to acquire, develop new skills that would help them coming up with better adult education products (seminars, trainings, courses);
  • coordinators of European projects with a focus on adult education and adult skills development;
  • adult education curriculum developers;
  • professional artists.

Expected number of participants: 13 (10 from outside of Romania+ 3 Romanian participants)

Main activities / programme of the Workshop:

  • practicing non-formal exercises;
  • theory on non-formal exercises;
  • theory on adult learning process;
  • performances rehearsals
  • performance with community audience (interactive performing)

Expected outputs:

  • growing competences in Adult Education delivering products (seminars, trainings, courses, workshops);
  • knowledge on non-formal theory and practice for a stimulation of adult learning;
  • growing awareness on non-formal importance approach for social-inclusion of marginalized people (women-victims of domestic violence, unemployed, elderly people, migrants);
  • growing skills and competences in using non-formal methods” for a bigger efficiency of knowledge accumulation.



promoting lifelong learning stimulated by inter-generational exchange

(LLP Project / 2011-2013)

GRUNDTVIG Learning Partnerships



All information about Grundtvig Partnership project at the
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