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Applications until: 17th March 2014

EUROPANET Association has developed a number of exciting educational training courses based on implemented international projects that have been realized in years of activities. These Training courses are specially design for 6 days of work; in which theory is complete it by practice in an easy, funny, interesting way of working, having on the base the principle of “learning by doing”. Within the framework of the KA1 of the new Erasmus+ Programme, we are glad to offer your staff the following training courses, realized in Romania, Belgium and Germany.

Learning by doing ERASMUS + (2014 – 2020) – (Funding, project application, project cycle management in KA1, KA1, KA3)

Course dates: Belgium, Turnhout: 26 – 31 October 2014
Germany, Koblenz: 2 – 7 May 2015

Romania, Iasi: 2 – 7 August 2015
Germany, Koblenz: 6 – 11 September 2015

Germany, Koblenz: 8 – 13 May 2016
Romania, Iasi: 24 – 29 July 2016
More info: download file here

ABC p.m. (Social-Cultural Project Management ABC steps)

Course dates:

Germany, Koblenz: 5 – 10 October 2014
Germany, Koblenz: 19 – 24 April 2015

Romania, Iasi: 19 – 24 July 2015
Belgium, Turnhout:4 – 9 October 2015

Germany, Koblenz: 19 – 24 June 2016
More info: download file here

These courses are for:

Teachers (Pre-school, primary, secondary, vocational, adult, special needs); Teacher trainers; Careers officers; educational guides and cultural counsellors; Inspectors; Cultural staff institutions; Headteachers/principals/managers of schools/organisations offering adult education; Other (Paid or voluntary) management staff in the institution/organization; Non-teaching administrative staff; Members of students/teachers councils in adult education; Volunteers active or interested in adult education

The event is supported by an international team of experts (Romania-Belgium-Germany) in project management of European projects. The main instructor is Mrs. Cristina Victoria Chert, trainer with more than 15 years experience in project management of European Projects. She has a record of successful implementation of more than 60 European funded projects.


Maximum number of participants envisaged: 20
Course fee (tuition & materials): 420 euro
Accommodation & meals fee (6 days, 5 nights) fee: 600 euro
Cancellation fee (where applicable): 150 euro
Cancellation rules: Cancellation fee applies only if cancellation takes place in less than 4 weeks before the start date of the course. It must be made via e-mail.

Special remarks:

Accommodation is in a centrally located 3 stars hotel in Koblenz (Germany) and Iasi (Romania) and Turnhout (Belgium). Special menus can be organized on request in order to answer special dietary needs (Vegetarians, Diary intolerance, Religious prescriptions etc.).

Applicants need first to register (ask for available places) at neteuropa@ymail.com. If there are less than 7 applicants, the course will be deferred to the next session. During the course there will be some optional organized leisure activities for the group (socio-cultural activities).

Type of certification (attendance awarded): Europass Mobility certificate; Certificate of attendance incl. training content and time input. Interested organizations can apply for grants through the Erasmus+ mobility programme. Our PIC number for Erasmus+ is 946835431.

This training is organized by:

Iasi, Romania
mob: 00 40727.850.691

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ABC pm Social-Cultural Project Management (56 Kb)

Proiectul: „Give Art a Social Voice”

Nr. proiect: RO-11-E236-2013-R2
Actiunea A1.1, Schimb de Tineri
Programul Tineret in Actiune

Descriere (pdf atasat)
Poze: EUROPANET Facebook
Film realizat: Give Art a Social Voice (Youtube) 

Mai multe informatii:
Alina Scanteie, Coordonator Proiecte Tineret, scanteiutza82@yahoo.com
Cristina Chert, Director Programe, chert_cristina@yahoo.com

Proiectul “Give Art a Social Voice” a reprezentat o continuare a proiectului “Give Art a Voice” realizat in anul 2012. Prin prezentul proiect s-a realizat o expozitie deosebita, cu lucrari realizate de tinerii participanti, expozitie care a fost prezentata in Iasi timp de 10 zile si in Romania in alte 4 locatii.

Va invitam pe Facebookul Asociatiei EUROPANET sa vizionati lucrarile de arta si pe Youtoube pentru a surprinde frumoase imagini din timpul lucrului.

Esti tanar pana in 30 de ani ? Lucrezi in domeniul dezvoltarii programelor de tineret ? Vrei sa te implici ca voluntar ? Contacteaza-ne la: neteuropa@ymail.com


Proiect Give Art a Social Voice descriere proiect.doc (54 Kb)

Proiectul: „Give Art a Voice”

Nr. proiect: RO-11-E15-2012-R1
Actiunea A1.1, Schimb de Tineri
Programul Tineret in Actiune
Descriere (doc atasat)
Poze: EUROPANET – click aici

Mai multe informatii:
Alina Scanteie, Coordonator Proiecte Tineret, scanteiutza82@yahoo.com
Cristina Chert, Director Programe, neteuropa@ymail.com

Proiect finantat de catre Tineret in Actiune prin Actiunea 1.1 Schimb de Tineri s-a desfasurat in perioada 1.06-1.10 2012 la Iasi, Romania si a unit sub deviza Artei Sociale 18 tineri din Romania si Turcia.

Proiectul a constat in realizarea unui schimb de cunostinte si intr-un schimb intercultural cu privire la Arta Sociala, schimb planificat in cadrul unei Vizite Pregatitoare ale celor doua organizatii implicate (Asociatia EUROPANET si Mugla Youth Center) si intr-o perioada a schimbului dintre cele 2 grupe de tineri din perioada 13-18.08 .2012.


Give Art a Voice, descriere Schimb de Tineri.doc (57 Kb)

Projects management Youth in Action

11th – 13th of June 2011, Bucharest

Between 11th-13th of June 2011, Bucharest hosted the non-formal training seminar “Projects management Youth in Action – projects approved April 1st, 2011”. EUROPANET Association representative, Cristina Chert participated in this training and came back with new information, possible partners and examples of good practice from organizations with better experience.

The objectives of this training were:

– To insure a quality implementation of the projects that are financed in Youth in Action context;
– Awareness of the importance of communication with all key members involved in the project;
– Knowledge and understanding of the most important reporting issues (technical and financial).

During this projects management training session, important issues regarding the contract that EUROPANET Association signed with the National Agency were inserted.

Pictures from the event on Facebook: Asociatia EUROPANET

Details and information: neteuropanet@ymail.com

Proiectul: „Arts Academy”

Nr. proiect: RO-21-60-20110-R3
Actiunea A2, Serviciul European de Voluntariat
Programul Tineret in Actiune

Project presentation.doc


School theater festival competition

Under The Spotlight”, 8’th edition


Important is the process by which children complete their artistic product


Sunday May 22, 2011, held the eighth edition of the School theater festival competition “Under The Spotlight” organized by “Petru Poni” School Iasi in collaboration with Children’s Palace Iasi and Centre of Resource and Consultancy in Education. The project partners are: Iasi County School Inspector and Europanet Association. Media partners are: Radio Iasi.

Jury members; actor Laurentiu Vasilache (from “Puppets Art Time” band), professor Fanita Cepoi (deputy director of the Sport Science High School ), professor Irina Prodan (The Arts School), Mrs. Mona Vilceanu (producer of programs for children at Radio Iasi) and student Tudor Cobuz (“V. Alecsandri” High School Iasi); awarded numerous prizes and distinctions to theatre teams and actors.

This year, a record number of theatre teams have entered in the competition: 19 (8 in the age section between 7-10 years, 11 in section 11-14 years), theatre clubs that have represented schools and institutions from Iasi city and county, and also from Vaslui county (Husi). Following participating in the festival, all registered theatre teams received prizes and diplomas and a large number of students have been rewarded with individual prizes.

 The Grand Prize of the Festival was won by “Foisor” theatre team of the “Petru Poni” School Iasi, which has presented the show “The Happy Prince” by Oscar Wilde. Best Director was awarded to “Alexandru Giugaru Junior” club from “Cuza Voda” Theoretical High School Husi for the show “Gaitele” by AL. Kiritescu. “The best show”, age section 7-10 years, was considered mounting “Prostul rade de prostia lui”, prepared by “Trasnitii” theatre club from Erbiceni School (Grades 1-8) and “The best show”, age section 11-14 years, was awarded to “Difain” theatre club, from Difain Association, which presented the show “Vreau sa fiu actor, dar… mare!”.


Pictures on Facebook: Asociatia Europanet

Details and info: neteuropa@ymail.com


Rezultate finale.doc (67 Kb)
Program – varianta.pdf (1848 Kb)

Project: “How to be PETER PAN”?

May1st , 2011- April 30th , 2012

Local Youth Groups Association (AGLT) in partnership with EUROPANET Association announces the “How to be PETER PAN” project launch, project financed by Soros Foundation Romania through the “Emergency Fund” Program. Projects period: May 2011 – April 2012.

Project purpose: The development of Educational Socio-Pedagogical Services (Social Animator) from the rural environment to offer social activities to include children with disabilities (visual and mobility) through training and support (scholarship, training in the field of social animator or psycho-pedagogy) offered to youth (17-35 years old) from the rural communities in which AGLT has local youth groups to work in socio-medical centers or directly into the community with children with disabilities.

Target group:

Direct beneficiaries:

60 young people (from which 20 are youth with visual and mobility disabilities) from poor rural and small urban areas, local facilitators in AGLT, trained as animators in working with children and youth with visual and mobility disabilities;

20 scholarships;

200 children and young people with visual or mobility impairments participants in Playing Days and special days organized by youth;

200 families supported in the daily work of child care;

20 potential employers (including socio-medical service centers at home).

Intended results:

1. 60 young people will be trained and certified as social animators in working with children with visual and mobility disabilities.

2. 80 Playing Days with at least 200 children with visual and mobility disabilities.

3. 20 young social animators selected to receive 1 year scholarship.

4. 20 young social animators will participate in the Peter Pan Creation Camp.

5. Publishing and printing of the 2 brochures with at least 30 games for working with children with visual and mobility disabilities in 500 copies.

6. 5 events to promote young social animators (Career Day and workshops) with the participation of parents with children with disabilities or employers with employment potential of hiring young social animators.

7. The launch of the two game brochures for the social animators that work with children with visual and mobility disabilities.

For more details and information about the project, contact person: Cristina Chert – project manager, phone: 0727 850 691; e-mail: neteuropa@ymail.com.

Comunicat de presa lansare proiect.doc (357 Kb)

Esti un tanar activ?

Doresti sa-ti faci prieteni  in lume? Doresti sa inveti o limba straina, sa te implici in dezvoltarea unei comunitati locale?

Vrei sa fii voluntar intr-o organizatie de tineret?
Doresti o experienta de viata de neuitat?

Incearca S.E.V. (Serviciul European de Voluntariat)!

S.E.V promoveaza voluntariatul, diversitatea culturala, implicarea activa a tinerilor in viata comunitatilor locale, cetatenia europeana, toleranta si solidaritatea.

Asociatia EUROPANET este acreditata ca si organizatie de trimitere (SO) prin Programul Tineret in Actiune (www.anpcdefp.ro).

Ai intre 16 si 30 ani ? Esti rezident legal in Romania ?

Doresti sa te implici ca voluntar intr-o alta tara decat Romania ?

CV si o Scrisoare de Motivatie la adresa: neteuropa@ymail.com

Toate costurile de deplasare, cazare si masa sunt acoperite integral prin proiect. Lunar primesti o alocatie (bani de buzunar) pe intreaga durata a proiectului.

Pentru aplicatii sau pentru orice fel de informatii legate de SEV   contacteaza-ne la neteuropa@ymail.com, sau la telefonul 0727 850 691.

Ce face Asociatia Europanet pentru TINE, voluntar care doresti sa accesezi SEV (Serviciul European de Voluntariat) ?

· Te ajutam sa contactezi o organizatie gazda.

· Iti consiliem demersurile in procesul de selectie pe care il face organizatia gazda.

· Realizam cursul de formare inainte de plecarea in SEV.

· Suntem alaturi de tine in perioada contractului desfasurat prin SEV.

· Iti oferim consultanta in toate etapele SEV.

„Just DO IT” …si vei avea o experienta unica.

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